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As a go-to concrete contractor that businesses and property managers can trust, U.S. PAVER offers quality work and cost-effective pricing when it comes to concrete repair, replacement, renovation, and construction services.

From the very beginning of our partnership, we’ll provide you with an initial consultation to help define your exact property needs, then develop a personalized solution that covers all of your concrete needs, including your immediate concerns and those in the future. Concrete often represents a considerable investment for commercial property owners, and U.S. PAVER understands how to stretch each client’s dollar a bit further than the competition.

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Our concrete teams possess a wealth of experience at U.S. PAVER, and we’ve worked in just about every environment including retail shopping centers, parking garages, malls, business parks, multi-tenant communities, highly secure and controlled facilities, industrial loading zones, high traffic convenience stores, and more, U.S. PAVER can deliver a wide range of concrete solutions including parking pads, dumpster pads, steps, curbing, gutter pans, walkways, drain collars, loading docks, columns, footers, knee walls and stamped surfaces. We are passionate about delivering a professional and attractive finish on every job and we back our work as a bonded, licensed and insured contractor.

Elevate the safety and visual appeal of any outdoor space on your property with premium quality concrete services at U.S. PAVER.

Our Concrete

Services at a Glance

  • Concrete installation, repair, renovation, and maintenance

  • Concrete curbs and speed bumps

  • General concrete masonry

  • Sidewalks and walkways

  • Retaining walls and hardscaping

  • Dumpster pads and loading zones

  • Concrete steps and stairs

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