Seeking and Affordable Asphalt Repair Contractor for Your Next Property Project?


Working with asphalt pavement is one of our “bread and butter” services here at U.S. PAVER.

We’ve provided a full suite of asphalt construction, repair, renovation, and maintenance services to commercial and municipal property owners throughout the greater Washington DC region for years, serving clients across Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Delaware, too. This broad experience helps us work closely and efficiently with property owners in defining and determining their exact needs, then formulating a custom plan to protect their property investment and enhance the beauty, safety, and accessibility of the asphalt pavement space.

Expert Craftsmanship

We’re proud of our industry reputation for functional and attractive parking lot facilities at U.S. PAVER, and our team is always employing the industry’s best techniques to keep asphalt pavements looking their best regardless of the season. From pavement pothole repair to surface milling and beyond, U.S. PAVER has the experience and commitment to craftsmanship needed for any job.

We even perform custom asphalt work – so depending on your exact needs or project requirements, we can provide a detailed quote that better details exactly what we can offer to help successfully complete any asphalt project.

Asphalt Services at a Glance

  • New pavement installation, repair, renovation, and maintenance

  • Crack sealing and filling

  • Sealcoating and overlays

  • Asphalt milling

  • Asphalt resurfacing

  • Marking and striping

  • Blacktop work

  • Speed bumps and guardrails

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